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I have three children. My older two, Kaylynne and Alexander, have been truly awesome to their little brother, Evan. A few hours after giving birth to Evan we were told he had Down Syndrome. They were told about their brother and his chromosomal disorder. We explained he may need more help along the way. I know they are my children but I think they are absolutely great. They are some of his biggest cheerleaders. They will gladly explain to friends and classmates about Down Syndrome. They have written essays and speeches about how their life is with their brother. They will tell you that he is their hero. I know it is hard for them. Raising a child with special needs isn’t the easiest thing, but they never complain. Recently they held a “Spread The Word to End the “R” Word” event for their brother. They are trying to educate people on why it is hurtful to use the word “retarded”. They are trying to educate people to use “People first” language. I have always told them that I love all of my children equally. Just because I have to spend a little more time helping Evan does not mean I care for him differently. My older two children have understood that. I have been blessed with many gifts in my life, three of them are my children.

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Published on April 28, 2013 at 2048 × 1514 in Month of the Military Child – Super Siblings