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Monthly Archives: May, 2013

Changing my reflection and my Outlook

“It is really red. Is that what you wanted?” This is what my husband said after I dyed my hair last week. My hair went from a dark brown to … Continue reading

May 31, 2013 · 12 Comments


Monday- ABA Wednesday- Speech and ABA Thursday- OT Friday- OT and ABA Saturday- ABA That is our therapy schedule every week. That doesn’t include doctor visits, school, or extracurricular activities. … Continue reading

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Is That a Plank in Your Eye?

For those of you who know me, or follow me, you know that I’m not one for quoting scripture. Me and the Big Guy have reached something of an understanding. … Continue reading

May 19, 2013 · 1 Comment

Appreciation Month?

May is National Military Appreciation Month. While I’ve enjoyed my tenure as a military spouse overall thus far, I have to say, what a crock of crap. Sure, there are … Continue reading

May 17, 2013 · 1 Comment

Advocating For You: A Letter to United HealthCare

Last week, we asked our members stationed in the TRICARE West region about their experience with the recent insurance transition from TRIWEST to United Healthcare Military and Veterans. We have … Continue reading

May 10, 2013 · 2 Comments

The Toughest Job You’ll (Sometimes) Love

Motherhood. This shit ain’t easy, yo. From conception to birth, newborn through teenage years, the terrible 20s and beyond being a mother is a rollercoaster of love, fear, nausea, and … Continue reading

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When Parents Need Parenting

Living life as a military spouse can be incredibly rewarding. We get to travel the world, meet new people, and, often, give our children a wide and varied world view. … Continue reading

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Military Spouse – What it Means to Me

We are fortunate to have a Guest Blogger for our first May post. As you know, May is the Month of the Military Spouse. Every Friday this month, our fabulous … Continue reading

May 3, 2013 · 1 Comment