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An Honest Review

I think we can all agree that Facebook ads are really annoying. Sometimes accurate, sometimes laughable, these ads are unwelcome and nothing but digital graffiti. Except when they’re not.

About two weeks ago an ad for The Honest Co. populated my wall. This is the company founded by actress Jessica Alba and author and healthy child advocate Christopher Gavin. You may have heard about this company on Ellen or read about it in Parenting magazine. I’ve heard about it for a while now, as I’m a tabloid junky and gossip monger. But I dismissed it out of hand, thinking, oh, another star and her pet project. And then Gracie, our soon to be six month old, started peeing through her diapers. Constantly. She is like a camel, the amount of water this kid holds – and then expels. I saw the ad for The Honest Co. and their diapers, and thought, what the heck – I’m going to try these out.

Free Trial from The Honest Co.

Free Trial from The Honest Co.

The ad was for a FREE TRIAL of seven (7) diapers of various precious patterns and a 10 count pack of wipes. I also elected to sample the Essentials Bundle: laundry detergent, healing balm, shampoo + body wash, face + body lotion, and hand soap. The “catch” is that you have seven days to cancel future orders of the diapers and the essentials bundle (if you had selected that one, too). However, unlike other programs with the “call to cancel” feature, The Honest Co. sends you an email reminder 2-3 days after you receive your shipment reminding you that the option to cancel is there. That’s an honest company, alright! Love that – if nothing else was great about this company, that would be enough.

But, wait!

There’s more!

I feel it’s important to note that I am not a paid sponsor. No one from The Honest Co. has contacted me, or offered me free stuff to write this review. But they totally should. Why? Because I love this stuff. Seriously!

photo (6)

Really cute diapers!

Beyond aesthetically beautiful packaging – and I am a sucker for pretty packaging – the diapers are WONDERFUL. Don’t get me wrong, I change Gracie all the time. All the damn time. Primarily because the afore-mentioned camel-like propensity to pee gallons. But we still have leaks, especially at night. But not with Honest Diapers! These plant-based diapers are “ultra absorbent, eco-friendly diapers are extra soft, hypoallergenic, free of chlorine processing & risky additives (like fragrances, lotions, and latex).” For real, yo, they are ultra absorbent, soft and freaking adorable. I was even able to pick the prints that I wanted.

The wipes were nice, and if you opt to be a part of their bundle program, they come as a free bonus with your diaper order. Again, they were nice. Using them, you have the added piece of mind knowing that you aren’t using harsh chemicals on your baby’s hoohah.

I am going to be continuing my relationship with Jessica, Christopher and their company. For $79.95 each month, I will be receiving 252 diapers (this is the size 2 bundle configuration) and four packages of 72 wipes. That sounds like a lot, but I’ve been spending $40 on 144 diapers twice a month on Amazon. And these are more absorbent, include wipes, are eco-friendly, and have I mentioned so stinking cute?

Trial-sized Essentials Bundle

Trial-sized Essentials Bundle

In case you’re wondering about the Essentials Bundle, I’m slowly working my through the items. I have a load of wash going right now with the laundry detergent. I’m really OPS testing that product: Gracie has the flu, I think. Laundry is, shall we say, super soiled tonight. The handsoap is nice, as is the lotion. I’m sure I’ll be happy with the outcome of the shampoo + body wash.

The only thing I’m a bit iffy on is the healing balm (aka butt cream). In my opinion, it’s darn near impossible to beat the Burt’s Bees diaper cream.

Again, I am not a paid spokeswoman for The Honest Co, but hotdog, I love her products. Now, if any of y’all happen to know how to get in touch with Jessica or Christopher, let me know. I need to get “pull-ups” in a slightly bigger size than they offer for one of my boys. I’d also love to have them include mattress pads to their incredibly diverse inventory. C’mon, y’all: one of you has to know her. Hook a mommy blogger up! I promise, she’s made an Honest woman out of me.


Comments, discussion and insight always welcome!

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